Welcome to my Art homepage!

I am a Watercolor Artist and I also paint on leather and denim jackets.

Here is my art adventure story in short:

From the childhood I have been surrounded by professional artists – painters, musicians, designers. Especially I have been admiring drawings and paintings of my older cousin. But I never thought I could do it myself like her. Well, you never know until you try :). I started seriously learning to paint in 2011. Soon I was able to paint beautiful watercolour landscapes and giving them away as gifts to my friends and relatives. When I could not find anybody for whom I could paint, I asked my husband to find a good use for my ability. And he asked me to paint his leather jacket with Motörhead. It became so successful that since then I am painting jackets for all Motörhead fans. I love to paint and I love to make people happy with my art.

Surely I can paint personalised jacket/vest for you too. Fell free to contact.

Here you can find my watercolour paintings, available for purchase, and painted jackets. Enjoy my art!

Nadja Yabrova,

The Artist