1. How to order a painted jacket/vest or a painting?
Simply tell me what do you want.
What kind of picture and what jacket/vest – denim or leather.
If it is a painting, tell me which one do you like.
If you want to commission a painting, tell me what would you like or show me the photo.


2. Can I get help with design for my jacket?
Yes, surely. Me and Jari will help you to work out design to your liking. I can also show you the pictures as I progress.


3. Can I send my own jacket to be painted?
Yes, absolutely.


4. If I do not have a jacket can you provide one?
Yes, of course. Let me know the size and the budget. Denim jacket/vest we can order easily for you. The new leather jacket can be pricey, but Jari can find a used one in a good condition. So no problem, everything can be handled.


5. How much shipping will cost?
Shipping cost depends on the size of a painting or the weight of a jacket. As soon as I know that data I can check Finnish post office price and let you know.


6. Can I wash a hand painted denim jacket?
Yes, you can, just follow the washing instructions:
Close the buttons and turn it inside out. Then put one or two teeshirts inside. This will prevent rough denim material to rub agains itself and spoil the painting. Wash on the most gentle cycle in cold water, 30-40C max. Do not tumble. Hang the jacket on the hanger and let it dry.
Do not iron the painting itself, on the over side is ok.


7. What paints are used for painting a denim jacket?
I use DecoArt® SoSoft® fabric paints. These are air curing paints.


8. What paints are used for painting a leather jacket?
I use Angelus® product series. First is Professional Leather Preparer and Deglazer, then the paint and last comes Angelus® Matte Acrylic Finisher. It protects the paint and makes the painting last longer. On top of that I put neutral colour leather wax.
Of course you need to be respectful and take care of your jacket 🙂


9. What payment method do you accept?
Bank transfer or PayPal.